Steven A. LaChance
       It will be five years since "The Uninvited" was
released when
Blessed Are The Wicked reaches the
readers. The sequel to the 2008 bestselling book by
Steven A. LaChance which told the true story of the
Union Screaming House.

       "I think I wrote The Uninvited too early after the
haunting. It only told half of the story. It became
more and more evident as the time became to pass
there was much more to tell and another book was
needed to tell it. The readers of the first book were
hungry with questions and recently information was
gathered concerning the haunting that not only
confirmed some things I knew all along , but also
gave me new insights I never had before.  The time
was right to do this book. I did not want to do
another book unless it could stand on its own story
wise without being considered a total sequel to the
first, but it also had to be able to continue from
where the first book left off. Blessed is doing just
that. Someone who has never read the first can and
will pick up this book and will enjoy as a first read
without ever reading The Uninvited. Those readers
who are fans of the first book are going to start
exactly where the first book left off and all of those
questions they had are going to be finally answered.
The writing of this book has been long and it has
been hard on me. I have had to bring the past back,
things that I had buried and had either forgotten, my
mind had wiped out due to trauma, or I just wanted
to forget. The new information brought it all back to
the present for me so if there was a time for me to
write this book now was the time.